Canopy, Frame Tent 20′ x 20′ White


This frame canopy is a commercial grade tent meant for higher wind speeds.  This tent can either be staked down into grass or dirt or it can be weighted down if staking is not an option.  If the canopy is weighted down, there is an additional cost of $240 per 20′ x 20′ frame canopy needing weights. These tents can be connected together to make larger tents in 20’x20′ increments (20’x40′, 20’x60′, 40’x40′, etc).  Delivery and set-up are required by All Seasons Rent All for this canopy type.  Delivery charges are additional and are based on distance from our store.  Set up and tear down of this tent are included in the price of this tent.  Sidewalls, lighting and heating are also available for this tent and are rented separately.  This tent can also be raised higher using extension legs.  No cooking or grilling can be done under this or any canopy.