Charcoal Grill, Towable


  • The rotisserie on this grill will hold up to 250lb. maximum capacity.
  • You can also get this grill with a standard grill top which is 5’6″ x 3′.
  • This grill takes 60-80# of charcoal, which is not included with the rental.  When the coals are ready, bank charcoal along both 5 foot lengths keeping the middle clear. If desired, a layer of sand can be placed in the center of the firebox to absorb the dripping grease. No charcoal should be placed directly underneath the spit.
  • After meat has been secured to the spit, we recommend wrapping your meat with chicken wire.  This prevents loose meat from falling off, especially as the meat cooks and becomes more tender.
  • It is recommended you add 10-15lbs. of charcoal per hour.
  • In order to tow this grill you will need a hitch with a 2″ ball.
  • This grill is for OUTDOOR USE ONLY!