Percolator, 42 Cup Standard


The 42 cup percolator is a commercial grade percolator for medium size groups.

Operating Instructions

  • Fill coffee pot with COLD water to desired amount.
  • Add coffee to basket (see equivalents below).
  • Plug coffee pot into standard 110 electrical outlet with NO EXTENSION CORDS!
  • When coffee has finished brewing, remove basket.  The pot will keep the coffee hot.


Brewing Time

Approximately 1 minute per cup of coffee.  (Half hour for 30 cups, one hour for 60 cups, etc.)


# of Cups                               Coffee Measure

                                         30                                                   2 cups

                                         42                                                   3 cups

                                         60                                                 3.5 cups

                                        100                                                  6 cups

 *One pound of coffee is equal to 4.75 cups of ground coffee (approximately).

*NEVER IMMERSE COFFEE POT IN WATER!  Simply rinse out coffee pot and basket before returning.       

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