Chocolate Fountain, Small


A chocolate fountain is a great way to turn a small gathering into a party!!!  This fountain is good for a party of up to 40 people.  Chocolate MUST be purchased from All Seasons Rent All to insure the proper type of chocolate is used in the fountain.  Please give us a call for current chocolate pricing.  It takes 4 pounds of chocolate to get the fountain to “curtain” and is available in milk chocolate only.



Thank you for renting your chocolate fountain from All Seasons RentAll.  Please take the time to read these instructions so you may enjoy your event to the fullest.  The chocolate must be purchased from us to avoid strain on the auger and motor.  Extra product can be taken and returned if unopened and not damaged.

Your fountain comes to you clean and ready for use.

This fountain is sized to serve up to 50 guests.

  • Preheat the basin of the fountain by pressing the ON/OFF/POWER button.  The green LED indicates the fountain is on.  Each time the HEAT button is pressed, it will cycle to the next heat setting.  Set the temperature to HIGH for 5 minutes prior to adding pre-melted chocolate to the basin.  Turn the heat off prior to adding chocolate to the basin.
  • Heat the chocolate in its container in the microwave to pre-melt it.  Place container in microwave on MEDIUM power.  Knead contents every 60 seconds until liquid.  Chocolate will stay liquid at room temperature for approx 2 hours.
  • Once the chocolate has been poured into the fountain, press the START button to engage the auger.  If air is trapped in the cylinder, it will cause the “curtain” of chocolate to gap.  Turn the fountain off for 15-30 seconds and then turn it back on.  Repeat as necessary.
  • If necessary, the pre-melted chocolate can be added to the fountain during use while the auger is running.
  • If the chocolate starts to cool, or get a “skin” on top, turn the heat dial to LOW for no more than 5 minutes, or until chocolate is melted again.  DO NOT LEAVE HEAT ON FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES AT A TIME!!!
  • Warning: Do not turn off auger for more than one minute at a time!  Hardened chocolate could damage auger or motor.  Do not remove auger or take apart fountain!!!
  • All Seasons RentAll will clean the fountain.  Dispose of the left over chocolate using a rubber or plastic spatula to avoid a cleaning charge.  Placing chocolate down the drain will clog your sink.  Do not immerse the fountain in water.