Percolator, 100 Cup Non-Coffee


This percolator is a commercial grade percolator for non-coffee use.  It can be used for cocoa, tea, cider, or anything liquid that you need to heat up that isn’t coffee. Additional fees will be incurred if used for percolating coffee.

Operating Instructions

  • Fill coffee pot with COLD water to desired amount.
  • Plug percolator into standard 110 electrical outlet with NO EXTENSION CORDS!
  • When beverage has finished brewing, remove basket.  The pot will keep the beverage hot.

Brewing Time

Approximately 1 minute per cup of water.  (Half hour for 30 cups, one hour for 60 cups, etc.)

 *One pound of coffee is equal to 4.75 cups of ground coffee (approximately).

*NEVER IMMERSE PERCOLATOR IN WATER!  Simply rinse out percolator and basket before returning.