Margarita Machine, 3 Gallon


This margarita machine will hold up to 3 gallons of frozen goodness at a time! We carry standard gold margarita mix, strawberry, and pina colada. Base mixes from All Seasons Rent All are the ONLY mixes allowed to be used in our margarita machines.

3 Gallon Margarita Machine Instructions

4:1 ratio of water to concentrate (4 parts water to 1 part concentrate).  Pour the concentrate into one of the tubs.  Follow this with 4 jugs of water into the tub.  Add 25 ounces of Tequila and 12 ounces of Triple Sec (for margaritas) OR 25 ounces of Rum (for strawberry daiquiri’s) to the tub.

***You can add more alcohol to any of these flavors, but it will take longer to freeze (slush).

This rental margarita machine is designed to give you a professional margarita, daiquiri or other frozen slush drinks with relative ease.  To maximize the quality of this machine and concentrated products, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • The margarita machine must always be transported and kept upright.  If placed on it’s side or upside down, damage will occur to the refrigeration unit.
  • Pre-chill the concentrates in a refrigerator and the alcohol products in a freezer prior to use for best results.  The first batch will take approximately 1-2 hour to slush completely.  Every batch thereafter (if ingredients are pre-chilled) will take approximately 1 hour.  It is a good idea to receive all liquids a day prior to your event.
  • Plug the margarita machine directly in to a 110 volt AC circuit with 3 prong plugs, not using an extension cord.
  • The 3 switches on the side of the machine should all be turned on (up) during use
  • Do not have margarita machine in hot or confined areas since this will either slow down or not allow the slush process to occur.
  • The liquids should only be filled to the designated lines.  Do not run the machine without liquid product in the machine.

When finished, shut the machine off and pull the plug from the outlet.  Pour warm water in to the reservoir and drain through the spigot. Repeat this process until the tub is well rinsed.  Do not take the machine apart or attempt to clean.  We take care of that for you!