Chocolate Fountain, Large


Our large chocolate fountain can be the hit of your next event! This large chocolate fountain will hold up to 22 pounds of chocolate and serve over 150 guests! It stands 34″ tall and is 18.5″ wide.


Thank you for renting your chocolate fountain from All Seasons RentAll.  Please take the time to read these instructions so you may enjoy your event to the fullest.  The chocolate must be purchased from us to avoid strain on the auger and motor.  Extra product can be taken and returned if unopened and not damaged.

Your fountain comes to you clean and ready for use.

  • Ensure fountain is at room temperature before putting chocolate in (if the fountain is cold, the chocolate will harden even if the heater is on).
  • Preheat the fountain by turning the heat knob to 250 for 5 to 10 minutes before putting the melted chocolate into the fountain.  After this time period, the heat should be turned OFF until more heat is needed as explained below.
  • Heat the chocolate in its container in the microwave to pre-melt it.  Place container in microwave on medium power.  Knead contents every 60 seconds until liquid. Repeat this process until the chocolate is PURE LIQUID. Chocolate will stay liquid at room temperature for approx 2 hours.
  • This fountain requires a minimum of 12 pounds of chocolate in order to function properly.
  • Once the chocolate has been poured into the fountain, turn the “ON/OFF” switch to ON to start the auger.  Do not have chocolate in the fountain without the auger running!!!
  • If necessary, the pre-melted chocolate can be added to the fountain during use while the auger is running.
  • If the chocolate starts to cool, or get a “skin” on top, turn the heat dial to LOW for 5 to 10 minutes, or until chocolate is melted again.  DO NOT LEAVE HEAT ON FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES AT A TIME!!!
  • Warning: If the auger is off for more than a few minutes and the chocolate in the auger has started to harden, the auger should not be restarted until the auger tube has been cleaned.  Forcing the auger to spin in hardened chocolate could damage the motor.
  • If the auger has to be removed, it must be removed by lifting it straight up.  DO NOT try to rock the auger tube or the auger back and forth as this will damage the fountain.

All Seasons RentAll will clean the fountain.  Dispose of the left over chocolate in a trash bag to avoid a cleaning charge.  Placing chocolate down the drain will clog your sink.  Do not immerse the fountain in water. There will be a minimum additional cleaning charge if the fountain is returned with excess chocolate