Soft Serve Machine


Keep all your guests cool with a soft serve machine!  This machine is great for fund raisers, pool parties, office parties, neighborhood barbeques, and much more!  We carry all the mixes needed for this machine available in vanilla or chocolate which are sold separately.  We do require that you get the mixes for this machine from us.

Soft Serve Machine Instructions

Mixing Instructions:

Fill included bucket to mixing line with cool tap water (2 gallons of water).  Add entire bag of powdered mix to the water.  Stir with a wire whip until completely dissolved (1 or 2 minutes).  Pour the mixture into the soft serve machine to MAX LINE ONLY!  Cover and put remaining mix in the refrigerator.  All of the switches on the side of the machine should be in the up position once mix has been poured into the bowl.  Once the mix is frozen, the black button to the right of the dispenser can be pressed to speed up the auger for quicker serving for 15 seconds at a time.  The temperature setting below all the switches should be set at “10” for ideal texture.

To maximize the quality of this machine and concentrated products, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • The soft serve machine must always be transported and kept upright.  If placed on it’s side or upside down, damage will occur to the refrigeration unit.
  • The first batch will take approximately 1 1/2  hours to freeze completely.  Every batch thereafter will take approximately 1/2 hour if mix is pre-chilled in the refrigerator.
  • Plug the soft serve machine directly in to a 110 volt AC circuit with 3 prong plugs.  Do not use any extension cords!!!
  • Do not have soft serve machine in hot or confined areas since this will either slow down or not allow the slush process to occur.
  • The mix should only be filled to the designated lines.  Do not run the machine without liquid product in the machine.
  • When finished, shut the machine off and pull the plug from the outlet.  Pour warm water in to the tub and drain through the spigot. Repeat this process until the tub is well rinsed.  Do not take the machine apart or attempt to clean.  We take care of that for you!