Snow Cone Machine


This is a commercial level snow cone machine which will shave up to 500 pounds of ice per hour to keep everyone cool and refreshed on those hot days! Snow cone machines are great for pool parties, birthday parties, fund raisers, school carnivals, and much more! This machine comes with the main machine, a scoop, and a drip tray. We carry all of the supplies needed for this machine which are sold separately.


  • Start motor and fill the gooseneck with ice cubes or block ice broken into pieces 3” to 4” in size.  Fill to about an inch from the top.
  • Push the pusher handle down to press the ice into the cutter head.  A firm, even pressure is all that’s required,
  • But sometimes you will find it better to relieve the pressure 2 or 3 times on the way down.  This lets the ice rearrange itself and get a better bite.
  • It takes approximately ½ pound of ice per cone.

DO NOT FORCE THE HANDLE too much as this may stall the motor.

Do not put anything besides ice down the gooseneck!!!

NEVER put your hands down the gooseneck or up into the gooseneck from inside the machine.

When done using the machine, simply get the rest of the shaved ice out of the box.  All Season’s Rent All will clean the machine!